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 Sister  Saadia  ,

 I had  been trying to fight my  blasphemous thoughts  and Taharah (purity) related issues  for 2 years in a row .  I was trying to cure my Bad thoughts considering them to be was'was , but they were becoming worse .   JazakAllah khair to Brother Hassan for sharing this course   " Cure Your Religious OCD "  with me and enabling me to  realize that my problem was more of Religious OCD and less of Was'was .  Now ,I am on the 5th week of this  Course ,  and Already feeling such Confident , fearless and strong . I Never could imagine that I would return back to my Normal life ever. Now it seems a reality . Alhumdulillah !!

  What is this Course About ? "

Islamic OCD Cure

  "Cure your Religious (Islamic ) Ocd "  is a Video Course  which has specifically been designed to help those Muslims who are struggling with the Trouble  of  Obsessive Thoughts  ( Images , memories , impulses ) . Especially those of us , who are applying the Religious cures but not getting any Benefit .  If you are facing them , then you very well can relate to what I am talking about .   All of your  Obsessive conditions (  Images , thoughts ,  memories  etc ) can be summed up under the definition of Religious OCD .    And this is more of a "Psychiatric" Condition , than a "Religious" one 

Although there can be countless conditions which a person can face , if he/she is undergoing the Religious OCD  episode but the most common conditions  are : 

1)   Disturbing /Blasphemous Thoughts   
2)   Purity / Contamination Related Phobias ( Always feeling impure , Countless Baths) 
3)  Extreme Guilt  & uncertainty about Your inner Spiritual State 
4)   Extreme Doubts ( About Purity or State of your Eema'an )  
5) Sexual Disorientation (  Am I straight or Bi ?   , Am I a pervert ?  ) 
6)  Obscene  Sexual Thoughts ( About Sacred Relations , Sacred Personalities ) 

IMPORTANT  : Trying to Cure these Conditions using the Methods of Curing  Was'was is usually  not useful , since Religious OCD is Not a religious Condition .  It is a psychological Condition and it must be dealt with the proper psychiatric techniques .   This Course comprises of the Proven Psychiatric Methods which have been molded so that  a Muslim can easily understand and implement them .  Moreover , inside the course , there are countless cases of  Muslims who got themselves treated from the Blasphemous thoughts , Purity issues and Guilt challenges using the techniques  that we have described in  great details . 

How shall  "This Course " Benefit You ?

This Course shall make your Spiritual and Emotional  life  healthy & normal again by ...............


 Freedom From Fear of  Blasphemous Thoughts of all Kinds . 

Helps you Cure the fear of those recurring  bad thoughts about our most beloved  religious / sacred figures. 

  • Blasphemous thoughts are the most troublesome of all   thoughts , which a person undergoes , in both the cases of Was'was or Islamic Obsessive Cases .
  • With This Course , you shall Insha-Allah completely  get rid of  the fear and dread of your Blasphemous thoughts and  Images about  sacred personalities  or any other respected figure.                                                   
  • This Course shall also teach you how to stay unaffected  and emotionally bullet-proof  against the  blasphemous Thoughts /Images , which push you into an unending feeling of disgust and Guilt . 
  • Week after Week , you shall be taught  how to face these Scary thoughts. By the end of 5th week , insha-Allah , either your Blasphemous thoughts shall entirely vanish OR you shall be able to handle them from a position of strength with out being afraid . 


Contamination / Purity Related Fears 

Helps you Cure the fear of substances and bodily fluids 

  •  Are you  embattling with the constant dread of  impurity by certain bodily Fluids  and substances ?   e.g  Semen , Saliva , menstrual blood ,  perspiration , Urine etc 
  •    Are you scared to touch certain objects  and avoid certain situations ?  Door handles in Mosques and public places , Prayer mats in mosques  etc ...... Anything  basically which others have touched scares you   ?
  •  Are you scared that your own body could be the source of
    Illnesss & Impurity  ; so you try your level best not to contact your Loved ones'  and certain things which they use ?  
  •  This Course enables  you , by taking you from your hand and teaching you , how to beat the fear of your feared Substances  OR Situations  .  Be it  the fear of .......

    Situations : Going to Mosque , going to Washroom  ,  any place which triggers your fearful thoughts . 
     Substances :  Your own Bodily fluids  and wastes 
    Other acts  : Like fear of handshake , hugging , using public washrooms etc 

Confusion / Guilt  Cure 

Confusion arising from your state of Belief / Guilt arising from the sins you could be conducting in your thoughts . 

  •  Personally having fought with these Feelings ,  I know that our bad thoughts /Images push us into an unending  ditch of Guilt and Confusion . 
  • We spend hours and hours thinking : "If we are Still a Muslim " OR "If I shall be forgiven for this imaginary Sin happening in my thoughts "
  •  You might be Struggling with thoughts like : " If I am pure enough to conduct my rituals like prayers etc " OR "Will I make everyone in my home sick because I am such impure all the time ?"

This Course  , just after studying it  the first week , you shall feel a drastic control over your "Confusion" & "Guilt ".  We teach you step-wise , on how to counter your negative feelings and become much more spiritual serene and peaceful . 


Freedom From Fear Arising Due to Uncertainty : 

Thoughts , images and fears arising because of uncertain future happenings and scenarios .

  • Are your thoughts   keeps you a hostage to fear & uncertainity , using such thoughts and images which could happen in your Afterlife ? 
  • Uncertainty Provoking  thoughts  such as :  Will I Burn in hell ?  Will I be Punished in the Grave ,
    Is Allah(swt) becoming such angry with me ? 
  • Uncertainity Provoking Images such as :  Germs ( impurity) making you such sick , Impurity making all your Ibaadah ( Salat, Zikr , Wudu ) useless ,  Am I Clean or Need I take shower again ?  Shall I make my house /Children impure ( Sick) if i touch them ?
  •  This Course shall enable you to calm down such fears and projections which arise due to un-certainty.
  • You shall learn how to think positively and never again become a victim of your bad religious thoughts . 

Peace & Normality Shall Return : 

Religious Obsessions always  steals  all the peace and serenity from our Lives.

  • Religious  Bad thoughts, pushes us into a False Belief that now nothing can improve and return my Faith , Peace and normalcy in life again. 
  • We shall insha-Allah make sure that you return back to your normal peaceful life ; where these fearful thoughts , dreadful images and painful past memories shall no more keep you hostage .  
  • Imagine how peaceful it shall be , once you are no more scared of those Blasphemous thoughts __ Imagine , how your life shall turn once you shall be able to easily diffuse your horrid thoughts about "impurities" . 
  •  Imagine , how much time you shall save once we shall help you step by step , to quit spending hours in the washroom  completing your wudu or taking showers multiple times in a day . 
  • And much much more ..........
Islamic OCD Cure

" Get Rid of Your Religious Obsessions 
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      My Story !!

M.Hassan : Writer of " Cure Your Religious OCD About Islam" 

I am Hassan and many of the readers must know me as the writer of the Ebook "Cure Your Was'was Forever". This Ebook detailed all of my personal experiences with Was'was and how I was able to get rid of them by applying the cures in the light of authentic Islamic Studies and psychological techniques.
I was living a Was'was free life and my spiritual life was very serene and normal when all of a sudden I was thunderstruck again with those troubling and disturbing thoughts. To my surprise, this time the Islamic cures were not working well. Rather the intensity of obsessive thoughts was becoming more and more intense. This led me on another journey of Finding answers to these troubling thoughts; and Alhumdulillah!I did find the reason behind those.

See What Others Are Saying ........

I had been treating myself for  waswas related thoughts about Sacred personalities  for such a long  time without seeing any considerable improvement  ;  until I discovered this course  and found that my thoughts are merely a Mental Noise . After taking this courseand applying all the techniques that I learnt inside  , I feel much better now. Ahumdulillah  . And I hope to become perfectly ok  in the upcoming weeks . 

Assad Kamal , United Kingdom

I would like to thank Brother Hassan for creating this course and helping Muslims like me who are struggling with such fearful obsessions of obscene nature.  I was dying from inside from the guilt of my thoughts .  The techniques in this course have refreshed my belief in my innocence and have made me such stronger . I practice my Ibadah with much more  peace of Mind . 

Abdul Shakur  , Kenya

 The consistent bad images of impurity from bodily substances ( Urine , Blood )  had ruined all the peace of my mind . I was under constant stress and depression as I was never feeling myself pure . I have gone through the  whole course  and I have defeated my Obsessive images more than 70 percent as of  Now . I am confident to get rid of my remaining obsessions , soon , Insha-Allah. 

Rabia Ahmed,  UAE 


Brothers & sisters ,  Our main objective of this product is to help those amongst Muslims who are striving  with the shackles of Religious  Waswas . Having Personally dealt with it , I know how much painful it  can get .  And as a result , we have put in every possible humanly effort to make this course the perfect cure for all kinds of Religious waswas .

But if for any reason , you do not approve of this course , you can immediately contact us within the 30 Days of your purchase , and we shall make a full refund of your payment .
No questions Asked.  That's a Promise . 

 Free Bonus  !!!  

  • In reality ,  there Could be 2 Sources of your Disturbing Thoughts  :

    1) Was'was 
    2) Religious OCD 

  • This Video Course  "Cure Your Religious (Islamic) OCD "shall cover in every detail the Psychiatric aspect of your Cure from those Bad compulsive thoughts . 
  • But what if a certain portion of your thoughts is being propelled by the Was'was ?   For this reason , we have included this Ebook  "Cure Your Was'was Forever" as a Bonus for our Brothers / Sisters . 
  • This book shall teach you in precise details all the Islamic cures that you need to combat those troubling bad thoughts , purity issues and combating the Wehm .
  • Together this Book and the Video Course , shall make a COMPLETE CURE  to combat the menace of your compulsive bad thoughts , images and memories . 

 So Don't Miss & Grab this E-book , Free with the Video Course - 

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Islamic OCD Cure

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