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 Sister  Saadia  ,


I had  been trying to fight my  blasphemous thoughts  and Taharah (purity) related issues  for 2 years in a row .  I was trying to cure my Bad thoughts 
but they were becoming worse ! 
JazakAllah khair to Brother Hassan for sharing this course   " Cure Your Religious OCD "  with me and enabling me to  realize thatmy problem was more of Religious OCD and less of Was'was.  Now ,I am on the 5th week of this  Course ,  and Already feeling such Confident , fearless and strong . I Never could imagine that I would return back to my Normal life ever. Now it seems a reality . Alhumdulillah!!

  What is OCD Video Course About ? "

Islamic OCD Cure

  "Cure your Religious (Islamic ) Ocd "  is a Video Course  which has specifically been designed to help those Muslims who are struggling with the Trouble  of  Obsessive Thoughts  ( Images , memories , impulses ) . Especially those of us , who are applying the Religious cures but not getting any Benefit .  If you are facing them , then you very well can relate to what I am talking about .   All of your  Obsessive conditions (  Images , thoughts ,  memories  etc ) can be summed up under the definition of Religious OCD .    And this is more of a "Psychiatric" Condition , than a "Religious" one 

Although there can be countless conditions which a person can face , if he/she is undergoing the Religious OCD  episode but the most common conditions  are : 

1)   Disturbing /Blasphemous Thoughts   
2)   Purity / Contamination Related Phobias ( Always feeling impure , Countless Baths) 
3)  Extreme Guilt  & uncertainty about Your inner Spiritual State 
4)   Extreme Doubts ( About Purity or State of your Eema'an )  
5) Sexual Disorientation (  Am I straight or Bi ?   , Am I a pervert ?  ) 
6)  Obscene  Sexual Thoughts ( About Sacred Relations , Sacred Personalities ) 

  What is Was'was E Book About ? "

  • In reality , there Could be 3 Sources of your Disturbing Thoughts
                     1) Was'was 
                     2) Religious OCD 
                     3) Combination of Both 

  • The Video Course  "Cure Your Religious OCD" shall cover in every detail how you can cure " Religious OCD " part of your  problem
  • But what if a certain portion of your Bad thoughts is being  triggered by  Was'was ?   For this reason , we have included this Ebook  "Cure Your Was'was Forever" as a Bonus for you.  
  • This E book shall teach you in precise details all the Islamic cures that you need to combat those  Was'was part of your Problem .
  • Together this Book and the Video Course , shall make a COMPLETE CURE  to combat the menace of your compulsive bad thoughts , images and memories . 

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See What Others Are Saying ........

I had been treating myself for  waswas related thoughts about Sacred personalities  for such a long  time without seeing any considerable improvement  ;  until I discovered this course  and found that my thoughts are merely a Mental Noise . After taking this courseand applying all the techniques that I learnt inside  , I feel much better now. Ahumdulillah  . And I hope to become perfectly ok  in the upcoming weeks . 

Assad Kamal , United Kingdom

I would like to thank Brother Hassan for creating this course and helping Muslims like me who are struggling with such fearful obsessions of obscene nature.  I was dying from inside from the guilt of my thoughts .  The techniques in this course have refreshed my belief in my innocence and have made me such stronger . I practice my Ibadah with much more  peace of Mind . 

Abdul Shakur  , Kenya

 The consistent bad images of impurity from bodily substances ( Urine , Blood )  had ruined all the peace of my mind . I was under constant stress and depression as I was never feeling myself pure . I have gone through the  whole course  and I have defeated my Obsessive images more than 70 percent as of  Now . I am confident to get rid of my remaining obsessions , soon , Insha-Allah. 

Rabia Ahmed,  UAE 


Brothers & sisters ,  Our main objective of this product is to help those amongst Muslims who are striving  with the shackles of Religious  Waswas . Having Personally dealt with it , I know how much painful it  can get .  And as a result , we have put in every possible humanly effort to make this course the perfect cure for all kinds of Religious waswas .

But if for any reason , you do not approve of this course , you can immediately contact us within the 30 Days of your purchase , and we shall make a full refund of your payment .
No questions Asked.  That's a Promise . 

Get Rid of Wa'was & Religious OCD 

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Islamic OCD Cure

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