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   Worried from Those 
Obsessive  &  Guilt inducing
Thoughts,Images  and Memories ? 

Brothers & Sisters ! 

 Are you struggling with one or many of these conditions ?

  • Blasphemous thoughts about  Religious personalities  , Holy scriptures and anything which has to do with your religious Values . 
  • Always in doubt about your purity  even after completing your Wudu OR your Showers  / Feeling the urge to repeat doing Wudu or showering.
  • Scared of certain substances like menstrual blood , urine , feces , sweat and other bodily fluids .  
  • Uncomfortable of using or touching the objects which other people have used or touched ;  Door knobs , pens , prayer mates , mosque toilets
  • Always unsure of the state of your faith ; Questions like : Am I a Muslim ?  OR   Shall I be forgiven ? 
  • These bad thoughts are not leaving you , even though you are reciting the ISLAMIC Duas . ; You feel that they are increasing . 
  • Unsure of your piety and morality  - i.e  Am I straight  or Am I slowly turning into a Homosexual ? 
  • Thoughts of hurting or  molesting certain vulnerable segments ;like Children who are even your closed relatives . 

If your Answer to any of the above is  YES ,

then you should find the below report extremely useful for understanding your problem deeply -

  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2

Column 2