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Assalamualiykum , 

The best method to overcome one's Spiritual & Emotional challenges is to discuss it with those who have already passed through them and have Alhumdulillah, won over them.  I am  such glad that we shall be Insha-Allah hearing your problem much more deeply and devising much better solutions for you .  

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 What You are Getting for FREE with the Call?

         1.Cure your Was'was Forever

The Book specializes in treating  General Was'was such as: using the Islamic methods

1)  Was'was in Salah / Repeating, forgetting inSalah, 

2) Blasphemous Thoughts

3) Doubts about Purity / Repeating Wudhu

4) Fear of losing Faith / Doubts about Islam/ Allah(swt)

5)  Scary dreams/ disturbing thoughts

6) And a lot more ..........

Original Price:  $27 

            2. Cure your Religious/Islamic OCD 
            (Video Course)

This Video course is specifically designed to help Muslims tackle their Was'was+ Was'was al Kahri (extreme was'was), using Psychiatric Methods  which are molded into permissible Islamic ways. 

This Video course , step by step helps you with: 

1)  Doubt About Faith: Uncertainty about your Eema'an. Questions like: Am I still a Muslim? Do I believe in Islam? WIll Alla(swt) forgive me? Am I going to hell?  etc.

2)  Obscene Sexual Thoughts: These thoughts can be regarding anyone, including sacred religious personalities, about family and friends etc.

3)  Guilt and Blame: If you feel terrible and always sinful and are slowly slipping into a victim/ guilt mode. This is very dangerous. 

4)  Anxiety:  The best gift this course is going to gift you is to take away fear of anxiety which could be giving you stress and sleepless night.

5) An a Lot more......

Original Price:  $127

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